Dedicated SSID and VLAN on existing WiFi setup


I currently have a full UniFi stack (multiple APs, UniFi switch and security gateway). At the moment the Koala is setup as its own AP but providing the coverage provided by my UniFi APs.

My theory was to plug the KoalaSafe into the second LAN port on the gateway with its own VLAN, then connect the second port back to the switch on a VLAN tagged port then associate that with a new SSID.

I already have a second VLAN with its own SSID for IOT devices. This works fine, however the difference is I am not trying to route its traffic through an external device.

I understand this is probably more of an issue with the UniFi than Koala but interested to see if anyone else has tried this.



I am currently trying to do that now with the Dome. Were you ever able to get this to work?