Cumulative time


I would like to restrict my children to use internet for only 1hr per day, but would like my Koala to cut them off when they reach that limit over the whole scheduled time. So if I have a schedule setup for 9-5 and they use 20 mins at 10am and 40 mins at 11 then after that the internet is blocked. Is that possible?


I’d love this feature too please.


Yes, this would be very useful


This feature is a must


We would be Very happy if this was a feature as well. Our children want to be able to manage their minutes of internet time throughout the day instead of in chunks of time when their friends/cousins might not be available. Thank you!


I’d like to have this feature as well!!


Yes, please here for this.


Kids playing Fun Unblocked Games?

My kids have been getting onto gaming websites and I was seeing why they get unblocked. Wasting so much time on games.


Pretty please implement this.


Why isn’t there yet?
So much needed !