Can't connect to cloud


I bought and installed the KS on Friday hoping to have it up and running, but it cannot connect to the cloud. Checked all cables, powered up and down, reset several times, but still no joy. I have email support and got an automated response, but nothing further. How long do replies usually take?

I have checked my router firewall settings and there appear to be no restrictions on the ports so this shouldn’t be an issue. I also left the KS plugged in and on for hours.

I appreciate there are a number of discussions raised with this issue, but I have not been able to find a thread that details a solution.



I’ve got the same problem. Any solutions?


I had to disable my firewall by connecting directly to the router using its IP address (you will need to consult your router manual for guidance on this). Then going through the connect procedure again for the Koala. You may need to do a factory reset first by pressing the rese button (on the Koala) for 10 seconds exactly. Then allow it to connect. Once I was happy this was working (and it did), I was able to enable the firewall again.

Hope this helps.


What is your support ticket number?


I can’t access to
I can paired
when I click continue button
Dectecting KoalaSafe… and it said offline
It can’t connect to the cloud

appreciate any suggestions? Thanks