Cannot connect ps4 to koala


I try to set up wifi connection with a ps4 to the koala. No dice. It doesn’t recognize NAT type and connection fails. Need help! Cannot believe I am first person with thus issue. I am using an onhub router which I understand has some unique security features but not sure that would affect the setup as I have several other devices successfully setup on koala. Thanks


Hi @Mccauslins,

We have users with PS4 and no reported problems. We have had some reported problems (but not yet confirmed) with OnHub and wired connections.

I’ll have a look into it. Do you get any other diagnostics? The PS4 works if connected to the OnHub wifi?


Thanks for taking time to respond Adam. Was very helpful and we attempted workaround which was a little beyond my technical ability. Problem temporarily resolved by disabling internet browser for ps4. Adam is going to look into it further for solution I can employ. Appreciate your time and prompt response. Unfortunately finding out that OnHub router presents some unique difficulties with parental control devices.


Im having this issue right now. NAT Type Failed.

SSID - Koala
Obtain IP Address - Successful
Internet Connection - Succesful
Playstation Network Sign-in - Successful
Connection Speed (Download) - 9.4 Mbps
Connection Speed (Upload) - 69.3 Kbps

Any Ideas?

Thank you