Can i install multiple koala's


Current setup
ISP router - Main Internal router (sets OpenDNS as DNS) - 3 routers setup as APs

So in total i have 5 SSID in the house (it’s a large house with many floors).

Should i just throw out the current APs and plug in Koala’s instead, or should i plug in the koala’s in the existing AP/switches ?

btw. is it even possible to have multiple koala’s in a single network setup?



Hi @roeldemeester,

You can install multiple KoalaSafe’s on a network, but they work independently (you’ll have to create multiple accounts and update the settings in each account) Not really an ideal setup.

Another option (this is dependent on the hardware you have playing nicely) you could plug the koalasafe into your router, then plug a switch into the KoalaSafe LAN port and then plug the AP’s into the switch.

KoalaSafe will by-pass the OpenDNS settings.




Thanks for swift reply. In the meantime i’ve also tested out the competition. Will kindly refrain from posting the name here. But that one had similar drawback.

As an engineer myself i understand how hard it is to go from a single-tenant to a multiple-tenant situation, especially since in this case, unique hardware is involved.
But… is this something you guys are planning on developing in short term (ie. within next 6-12 months), or is this too low on priority board?

So in this setup. People connect to the SSID of the different connected AP’s, but would still be passing through the KoalaSafe filters. Sound like a good backup plan… Any drawbacks for this setup?
eg. will the little koalasafe be capable of passing through all data coming from 5 high-volume AP’s ?



The device is a T100 device. It depends on your traffic.
Except for the un-used SSID there shouldn’t be any draw backs.

As to the multi-device per client setup; we plan to have a gigabit solution within that time frame probably closer to 12 than 6 months (obviously increased hardware = increased cost)


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Hi … Any updates on the multiple Koala’s in a single network.
I currently have 3 koala’s in the house. [don’t ask - BIG house - 6 children]
Would be nice i I could link all these koala’s to the same account, and have the same settings/rules being applied to all of them at once.
Would you be interested to do a User Survey on this? Just to get some numbers to see how many other people have the same request.

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I’ve just received 2 KoalaSafe devices and to my dismay I’ve discovered I have to set up 2 separate accounts to manage to full sets of the same profile configurations. :open_mouth: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Please for the love of {insert your deity or favourite food such as lasagna} tell me that you are actively working on removing this limitation??? :flushed:

Thank you
frustrated-parent Sam




At the moment the recommended solution is still use extenders not multiple KoalaSafe’s.
We do have a 30 day trial, so you can return one and replace it with an extender.




WHere do I order an Extender? I looked before I ordered 2 of these for this, but couldn’t find it and an internet search said I could use 2 devices on the same network, but I didn’t realise how painful that would be.



Hi @sam.paakki,

Almost all new wifi extenders will work
There are some verified ones here



I’m guessing extenders won’t solve bandwidth issues of too many devices running simultaneously on a single Koala (my problem)?