Best printer set up


Thank you , have installed Koala safe and working well to control access to internet for various children’s devices. The Koala network is seperate to my main network which links to our wireless printer. Printer doesn’t seem to be able to connect to 2 networks. While parents do most printing the children do quite a bit for homework. Is there a way to allow access to our network but not the internet, so they can access the printer? Thx


Hi Anne, your kids should still be able to print if you leave the printer on the parent network. It doesn’t restrict traffic on the local network.


Hi Anne, I’ve had trouble with Apple’s Air Print auto discovery (mDNS) across the Koala. Windows printing gets across it fine. If you want iPads etc to find the printer you might need the printer connected to the same side of the Koala as the iPads.


We just installed a new router and finally got our wireless printer to work via the WPS button. We can happily print on the home network but when we connected the KS our kids can access the internet but their laptops can not detect the printer. The kids use Apple macbooks and the printer is a Canon inkjet.
Could there be a setting on the router that is not right? Any ideas?