Allow or block all subdomains for a particular domain


I try to allow or block all subdomains for a particular domain using


I get a error:

is not a valid domain (400)

I really need to allow all subdomains to be able to allow my son to do his homework online.
There are some random alocated server names on some subdomain that I can`t trackdown every time he is doing the homework to enable them.
Please let me know how can I setup a general allow rule for all the subdomains inside a particular domain.
I have allowed the main domain but this is not allowing all subsequest subdomains.

  • domain .com is allowed.
  • net .domain .com is allowed
  • random1 .net. domain .com is one of the player servers used by the website at some point (I have allowed this once)
  • strange000 .net .domain .com is used when you access the site next time
  • 1upside .net. domain .com is used when site is accesed again
    and so on
    by now I have 20 of them and still every time I have to track them down and still not reached the point when is working since again next time is connecting to the site another subdomain name is used.

I placed spaces on names there because your forum/board is not allowing me to place more than 2 URL links.




You should be able to just enter the base of any domain to either allow or block all sub domains

For example - if I allow
Then it should allow

And the same should apply for blocking



It is not working like that.
I have the confirmation on email from Koala staff.
They don`t have a solution for this which is strange. Any type of firewall or proxy I was working with is able to whitelist/blacklist a * except Koala.




Hmm - I don’t know why - It works for me and I use it all the time.
It does not accept the *.
but it does allow subdomains.

I just tested it with my daughters account. A website that I manage is normally blocked including its sub-domain. then when I allow the root domain, it allows both the main domain and the subdomain.

This is also true for zoom for example
My daughter uses it a lot and I allowed only
it does not matter which server she goes to they are all allowed so long as they are under