Add Discord to the social media or gaming category



Could you please add Discord (description : All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.) to either the Social Media or the Gaming category?

I just added to “Sites Allowed by me” to get it to work, so it seems pretty easy to add.




Hi Hugo,

Its already defined in the Social Media category.



Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply, I must not be understanding this thing fully because I do not see Discord in that category and for it to be allowed I have to add it manually in the allowed by me section. Else my teenager says it is not working because of « my » device (I removed some words so it can stay kid friendly :smirk:).


Hi Adam,
It does not explicitly on the list of Social Media applications that can be allowed or blocked.
What do I do to allow and disallow discord?


Hi Liz,

Blocking the social media category blocks social media apps including discord.
Allowing it does the reverse.

Do you want to allow discord but block all other SM apps? Or allow all Social Media except discord?

Todo either, you add to the custom sites (block or allow as needed)



Thanks Adam. Yes - I’d like to allow discord and not all the others. I’ll do as you suggest.



Hi, Just purchase Koalasafe :).

I have similar questions with Discord. I have added to my son’s profiles so when he is completely blocked he should still be able to use discord but this is not the case.

Can I confirm that in the Primary and Homework filters, I add to the custom “allow by me” settings. (thats what I have done)

What else do I need to do to make this accessible event though all other filters are active?

Look forward to your response!